Gas Heat Pump


Gas Heat Pump

  • Available in
    Heat Pump or Heat Recovery
  • Capacities
    Heat Pump: 22.4kW-85kW, Heat Recovery: 56kW-85kW
  • Refrigerant

The Daikin Gas Heat Pump system (GHP) is a new addition to Daikin’s VRV product lineup that utilizes a natural gas engine to operate the compressors. GHP systems offer similar levels of comfort and performance as conventional air conditioning systems whilst offering the benefit of lower CO2 emissions compared to electrical heat pump systems.

Well suited to GreenStar rated applications aiming for a low carbon footprint or building refurbishment opportunities where on-site electrical power may be limited, Daikin’s GHP system offer similar performance and reliability you can expect from our conventional VRV products. GHP is available in both heat pump and heat recovery versions with capacities ranging from 23kW to 85kW, 16 types of indoor units with 90 models, connection ratio from 50% to 130%, outside air treatment options and a range of BMS options to suit the operational needs of the modern building.

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Sensitive Choice
Minimum Energy Performance Standards
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All Daikin air conditioners exceed MEPS requirements, in line with Daikin’s commitment to providing energy efficient, quiet, simple to use and reliable air conditioning solutions. 



  • Available in both heat pump and heat recovery system to suit a broad range of commercial applications
  • Natural gas engine to drive the compressor
  • Greater design flexibility with extended pipe runs of up to 165m, maximum level difference of 50m and total networked length of up to 520m
  • Wide operating range -10 to 43°C Dry Bulb in cooling mode and -10 to 18°C Wet Bulb in heating mode
  • Use of cutting edge technology delivers quiet operations ranging from 54dBA to 62dBA depending on models
  • Fully compatible with the complete Daikin control suite including the Intelligent Touch Controller, the Intelligent Touch Manager, and the LonWorks® and BACnet® gateways.
What is GHP?


Design Flexibility

Daikin’s GHP comes in a compact form with a small footprint allowing for flexible placement and installation, and is even possible to be located on the service balcony of each floor level.


Daikin GHP can be combined with conventional VRV systems to deliver ultimate comfort and performance:


  • Uniform indoor units and consistent comfort levels
  • Superior controls functionality through use of BRC1E62 (wired controller)
  • Simplified controls of overall Hybrid System (combination of Gas and Electric systems) through I Touch Manager


Design flexibility is further enhanced with piping runs of up to 165m, with vertical separations of outdoor and indoor units of up to 50m and up to 15m between Indoor units.

Design Installation

Connection ratios between indoor and outdoor units range from 50% to 130% and can be connected to a broad range of VRV indoor units.


Power Consumption and Lower CO2 Emissions

Lower CO2 Emissions
With Daikin's GHP system, electrical power consumption is significantly reduced when compared to an equivalent electrically powered system. With the compressor powered by a natural gas engine, electrical power is only required to operate the condenser fans, coolant pump, and main electrical circuits, hence all GHP outdoor machines only require a single phase power supply.


The combustion of natural gas emits around 44% less CO2 than coal. Due to the intrinsic characteristics of natural gas (i.e. Methane), use of it as a primary source of energy is far less polluting when compared to the use of other fossil fuels such as coal. The combustion of natural gas emits around 44% less CO2 than coal.


Powerful Heating

Daikin’s GHP delivers rapid and superior heating performance as a result of GHPs ability to harness waste heat from the engine coolant system when operating in heating mode. Compared to EHP systems that absorb heat from the ambient air, GHP’s ability to harness the waste heat ensures that your room can achieve comfortable conditions more rapidly and also makes GHP less prone to defrost cycles when faced with low ambient conditions.


Comparison of Heating Start Speed and Heating Capcity


Quiet Operation

Use of cutting edge technology delivers quiet operations. Enabling the quiet mode, reduces the operating noise levels even further. * The outdoor unit enters power-saving operation in quiet mode.


Quiet Operation
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A full range of technical and support materials, including Engineering Data, Service and Installation Manuals are available via the Daikin Secure Portal

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