VRV IV Heat Pump


VRV IV Heat Pump

  • Available in
    Heat Pump or Cooling Only
  • Capacities
    Standard: 16kW-168kW, Hi COP: 32kW-140kW, Space Saving: 50kW-140kW
  • Refrigerant

VRV IV Heat Pump is Daikin's answer to the next generation of variable refrigerant volume air-conditioning systems. The VRV IV Heat Pump offers greater design flexibility, improved energy performance with the introduction of Variable Refrigerant Temperature control, superior comfort and reliability of operations to meet the needs of the modern commercial building.

Utilizing the latest advances in Refrigeration and Air conditioning Technology coupled with an innovative mindset, Daikin's VRV IV delivers improved efficiency, performance and now incorporates state of the art energy saving technology. Daikin offer models with a capacity of up to 168kW, connection of up to 64 indoor fan coil units, a connection ratio up to 200% (conditions apply), outside air treatment options and a range of BMS options to adapt to the operational and climate demands of the everyday modern building.

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All Daikin air conditioners exceed MEPS requirements, in line with Daikin’s commitment to providing energy efficient, quiet, simple to use and reliable air conditioning solutions.



  • VRV IV HP units operate in either cooling or heating mode from a single system
  • Up to 64 indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor system
  • Continuous operation -5 to 43°C Dry Bulb in cooling mode and -20 to 15.5°C Wet Bulb in heating mode
  • High External Static Pressure (ESP) of 78.4Pa on condenser fans
  • Use of new high tensile strength material and Thixocasting manufacturing process has enabled the development of a new compact and efficient scroll compressor, i.e. 12 class (33.5kW) compressor utilizing 8 class (22.4kW) casing. Daikin's optimized large capacity inverter scroll compressor designed specifically for R-410A is compact, quiet and highly efficient
  • Daikin's new compressor utilizes a 6 pole motor instead of a 4 pole motor with 50% more neodymium magnets to improve efficiency and reliability
  • Refrigerant Cooled PCB to ensure reliability, stability and longevity of the unit under the harsh summer heat
  • Daikin's system management and oil-equalizing technology ensures maximum reliability and design flexibility of the system, with piping runs of up to 165m with maximum level difference of 90m between indoor and outdoor units (via field setting only) and a total networked length of up to 1,000m.
  • Low operation noise, a result of efficient heat exchanger design, streamlined air grille and re-designed scroll condenser fans
  • Anticorrosion treatment applied on exterior metal casing and heat exchanger
  • Fully compatible with the complete Daikin control suite including the Intelligent Touch Controller, the Intelligent Touch Manager, and the LonWorks® and BACnet® gateways


Variable Refrigerant Technology
Daikin's VRV IV now features Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology (VRT), a state of the art energy saving technology that automatically adjusts the refrigerant temperature as the building load varies to maintain optimum comfort conditions whilst keeping operational costs low.

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High Energy Efficiencies, EER & COP

With VRV IV, Daikin has made significant improvements from its predecessors in the area's of energy efficiency, responsive climate control and monitoring systems, thereby enabling property managers to better administer the operations of the air-conditioning systems. Daikin's VRV IV delivers high COP thanks to innovative features such as VRT, advanced J series compact inverter compressor and improved streamline airflow design.


VRV IV Energy Efficiencies


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