Compact Cassette

Compact Cassette

Compact Cassette

SkyAir / FFA-AVM

  • Available in
    Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
  • Capacities

    2.5kW, 3.5kW, 5.0kW, 6.0kW, 7.1kW

  • Refrigerant

Daikin’s SkyAir Compact Cassette is a powerful, efficient and discreet solution for commercial, retail and residential applications where both aesthetics and performance are paramount.

The Compact Cassette combines the latest technology with innovative functions for high operating efficiency and user comfort, all within a unique design that allows the visible panel to fit flush within standard architectural ceiling panels.

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Fully Flat with the Ceiling

FFQ-C - Fully flat with ceiling

Daikin’s Compact Cassette is the first cassette that fits fully flat with the ceiling, so it blends discreetly in with the room's decor.


Fits Standard Ceiling Tiles Perfectly


FFQ-C Fits Ceiling Tiles Perfectly

The FFA-AVM's new panels have been designed to integrate with standard ceiling tile dimensions, enabling lights, so it's easy to install a Daikin Compact Cassette, and speakers and sprinklers to be in stalled in the adjoining ceiling tiles.


Optional Presence Sensors

To ensure perfect interior comfort Daikin's FFA-AVM Compact Cassette can be fitted with an optional sensor* linked to an advanced controller.

Presence Sensor Location Sensors
Presence Sensor Temperature Sensor
When there is nobody in the room, the presence sensor* adjusts the set point or switches off the unit, avoiding unnecessary cooling or heating and helping to reduce energy consumption. 

The sensor* also adapts the direction of the airflow depending of where people are situated in the room, reducing draughts and enhancing occupant comfort.

 When motion is detected the temperature is reset to its original setpoint ensuring perfect, energy efficient operation.


Because heat rises, air is typically warmer near the ceiling and cooler near the floor.  The FFA-AVM cassette’s ‘floor’ sensor* detects the temperature difference, redirecting airflow for more even temperature distribution.


Year Round Efficiency

Year Round Efficiency

Daikin’s FFA-AVM Compact Cassette delivers exceptional performance and efficiency throughout the entire year.  An optional presence sensor also helps deliver even greater operating efficiency.

Air quality Quiet comfort
Because air quality is as important as temperature for occupant comfort, Daikin's FFA-AVM Compact Cassette features advanced filters to help remove dust particles to ensure the air is clean. The Compact Cassette is one of the quietest units in the light commercial market and, in addition to the sensors, has various functions that are designed to enhance user comfort.


Nav Ease Controller


Compact Cassettes are managed from a user friendly remote control with an easy-to-read LCD display, enabling users to manage various system control configurations with ease, as well as control multiple indoor units from a single remote.


*Additional sensor kit BRYQ60AAW required to enable this feature
(floor and presence sensors included)

Series 25 35 50 60 71
Compact Cassette
(Fully Flat)


Daikin’s focus on innovation has led to the development of cutting edge technologies for the provision of quiet, efficient air conditioned comfort, and a high efficiency compressor helps Daikin achieve an exceptionally high COP.


Reluctance DC Compressor Motor

Higher efficiencies with 2 different torques

Magnetic torque of Neodymium magnet

Reluctance torque

Lower energy consumption especially at lower operational frequencies

Swing Compressor

Large Energy Savings

smooth rotation with low friction & refrigerant gas compression

Low Vibration & Noise

smooth piston motion works as if sliding along a ‘groove’

High Durability

fewer moving parts in contact during operation increases reliability

DC Fan Motor

By utilising high power permanent magnets instead of the induced magnetism of conventional AC motors, Daikin’s DC motor can deliver significantly higher motor efficiency, especially at low speeds.

Note: Data based on studies conducted under controlled conditions in Daikin laboratories.

Super Aero Grille



Download the latest FFA-AVM Compact Cassette Product Brochure for more information.

Technical Documents:

If you are a registered commercial user or a Daikin Dealer, you also have access to a full range of technical and support materials, including Engineering Data, Service and Installation Manuals via the Daikin Secure Portal

Technical Specifications

Available Options:

  • System: Reverse Cycle
  • Capacities:

    2.5kW, 3.5kW, 5.0kW, 6.0kW, 7.1kW

  • Indoor Type:
  • Power Supply:
  • Refrigerant: R32

Sky Air - Compact Cassette - Fully Flat (R32)

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